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Building keyboards. 1/n

My first time building a keyboard, I didn’t have a mental map of how a keyboard worked beyond “well it sends a signal and boom, things happen”. I had been using a Corsair k60 mechanical keyboard for nearly decade, but for the most part I just enjoyed it and didn’t dig very deep into how…

Teaching my nephew how to code – the basics.

This isn’t a serious post. Just a personal story/recap of what I’m doing to teach my 11yo nephew the basics. We started with Scratch last year, but both of us got tired of that environment pretty soon. We had a ton of fun making little games, but both of us are low on patience, so…

Your manager can’t read your mind.

Here we go again. Stash my work. Create new branch. Understand what has to be done. Do it all over again once this one is done. Get asked why the ticket I had to drop isn’t finished yet. Well, because you gave me a different task, that’s why!

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