Keyboard building.

I like keyboards, so they belong in my personal blog.

I’ve only started building keyboards around March 2021, and I’m still learning the basics. I built the Breeze as my first kit from a PCB, and I handwired and printed 3 different versions of the Dactyl. Since I seem to keep accumulating builds, I wanted to have a space here for them so that I stop relying on random Twitter threads to find “the story” of building each one.

The Breeze.

Breeze is a split mechanical keyboard with a column-staggered layout.

Dactyl manuform (6×5, first build)

The Dactyl manuform was my first handwired build, and I’ve kept making Dactyl-like things since then. I hope to add a page for it sometime.

Dactly manuform (6×5, second build).

Since my first try was a bit of a mess, I re-built it from scratch. This is the one I’m using currently.

Dactyl manuform, modded (4×5, first build)

This time, I went for the version that can be built from the DMOTE fork, and decided to get rid of the MCU holder.